Coconut~Curry~Sea Scallops

This is a quick cooking dish that requires your attention to cooking time! You’ll need 8 ounces Sea Scallops (If using frozen, thaw first and pat dry on paper towels), 1 cup coconut milk (sweetened), one and a half teaspoons curry powder, one teaspoon cracked black pepper, green onion (one stalk, diced finely), one cup cooked rice of your choice.

In a saucepan add coconut milk, curry, black pepper on medium heat, stir to combine when you see small bubbles at the outer edge of saucepan add Sea Scallops, increase heat to medium high (be sure to coat the Sea Scallops in the sauce), cook 4 minutes, shut off heat on stove top. Plate rice and ladle coconut curry Sea Scallops on top, garnish with diced green onions.

Excellent-a favorite of mine!!! YUMIFIED…


Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

The Wiser Cook.


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