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From the tender age of twelve I worked with my Father in his Restaurant in sunny Florida. All was not glory and I began peeling 50 pound sacks of potatoes! I worked my way up to the grill top working side by side with my Father (under his tutelage) after school and on weekends. It is where I learned breakfast fare first. Moving along on this journey to the steam table. Ah, I was gaining momentum and my Father’s brother (my Uncle) recruited me to also work in his Restaurant across town. There I learned (under Uncle Roger’s tutelage) a great deal, as both brothers were excellent cooks and chefs. Both sticklers for food safety, cleanliness and customer service but above all the freshest ingredients used each and every day. I was taught how to make sauces, soups, main course meats, salads, side dishes, desserts just to name a few. I was a quick study and although I respected them a great deal the Restaurant business is a hard business with very long hours. Yes, they were both extremely successful and after 22 years and 25 years respectively they sold out both of their Restaurants and had other business interests to keep them busy.

Those skills I carried with me to present day. I am a Member of http://www.Tasty Kitchen.com – A Public Community Recipe Sharing Web Site where I have 1,500 original recipes posted . Find me on Twitter “Cheffie Cooks”. Bloglovin “Cheffie Cooks”. http://www.cookeatshare.com/Member – with 400 original recipes/pics/posted-Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser. Join FREE.

I have 9 other websites that I write daily or every other day. It is a pleasure to share with YOU recipes for Wiser cooking.

I am delighted you stopped by today and I hope to see YOU again. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.


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