Sloppy Joe Burritos

This recipe is a fun, an easy one especially for a quick weeknight! Let’s make some burritos! Using 4 flour tortillas (small ones), 4 ounces ground beef, 2 tablespoons tomato paste, 2 tablespoons ketchup, one teaspoon mustard (I use a brown mustard), 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 teaspoon black pepper,  1/4 onion diced finely, 1/4 bell pepper diced finely (optional Jalapeno pepper remove stem and seeds, diced finely).

In a skillet add ground beef on medium heat, add diced onions, bell peppers and saute until meat is browned (drain any excess grease), add tomato paste, ketchup, stir to mix, add mustard, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and optional Jalapeno, (if you want a bit looser Sloppy Joe sauce add some low sodium beef stock), saute about 10 minutes on low heat. 

Warm tortillas in the microwave about 20 seconds or you can lightly toast them (keep them pliable though).

Lay tortilla flat on a plate add a generous portion of sloppy joe mix, fold up ends and roll burrito closed (seam side down), optional: add grated or shredded cheese if desired before rolling burrito up.

These are delicious!


Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

The Wiser Cook.


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