Navy Bean & Ham Soup

In the winter the best food is a hot bowl of homemade soup. This one is a favorite almost year round for us. It is quick cooking and very flavorful.

Having quite a bit of leftover Ham from yesterday I just started a large pot of this soup to freeze! I have made the recipe much smaller than I make at home since I feed a large family.

2- 15 ounce cans white beans (any you like) rinsed, one carrot grated, 2 cups cooked ham cubed small (or shredded), 2 cups vegetable stock (I always use low sodium), 1 teaspoon cracked black pepper, one teaspoon parsley flakes, one tablespoon corn starch, one tablespoon butter.

In a large pot with a lid add butter and corn starch (creating a roux), add vegetable stock on medium heat whisk to combine, add black pepper, grated carrot and ham cubes, stir to mix well. Cover with the lid and cook 10 minutes. Add in rinsed beans, parsley and stir well. Cover again and cook 10 more minutes on low heat.

I make homemade seasoned croutons to garnish, you may also like to add grated cheese of your choice to the top of soup bowl.

Enjoy this easy soup we sure love it! It is super easy to freeze-allow to completely cool then store in freezer safe containers!

Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

The Wiser Cook.

Happy New Year-2016!


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