A delicious, quick soup for Suzanne!!!

My dear friend Suzanne-apuginthekitchen.com is feeling under the weather today! I am writing a soup recipe for her right this minute, hoping she has the simple ingredients (or comparable) to slap it together. Get out the soup pot Suzanne we are cooking together. Add 2 cups cold water, 2 cups chicken/vegetable broth or stock (low sodium is good here), 1 can white beans (have any?), rinse them well, add to pot on medium heat, have a stalk of celery, rinse and diced, add to stock pot, a carrot (peeled) diced, 1/4 onion diced, add black pepper, to taste, if you have tomato paste (one tablespoon) or a can of whole, stewed, diced tomatoes add them (yes, juices and all) stir well, cover and cook on low 15-20 minutes (stir during cooking time). Add any herbs you like, basil, parsley, oregano whatever you have on hand. Garnish with grated pecorino/parmesan/romano whatever cheese you have and maybe a few croutons or crackers or crusty bread!

I want you to feel better for work tomorrow my dear friend! Enjoy!

Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

The Wiser Cook.


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